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What is ham's actor?

ham's actor is a software written for ham radios. It helps them to do their job - log book, satellite maps, world maps, and so on.
It should be a bundle of all, a ham radio needs on doing his work.

The software is for free! It costs nothing - it is published unter an Open Source license, the GPL.

Feel free, to send me your feedback:

ssfuture ( at ) users.sourceforge.net

System requirements?

Operating system: Any, with a Java VM, platform version 1.3 and upper.
Hardware: Very low
Other: Keyboard, Mouse ;)


New Snapshot 2 release downloadable! See download area!
Feedback form online! Click here
News: New Online Flash Video, guided tour - HAM'S ACTOR Snapshot 2
News: First snapshot release downloadable!
News: New Screenshots online!
News: Pre-Beta-Version up to next!

About Snapshot 2 Version

The new snapshot is soon available. It includes a new user interface and lots of new functions. There also will be an ADIF import tool, so you can use your old log entrys as well as before.
More other tools and functions, maybe also included. Witch, I can tell you, jet. But look some time later, and watch the new online Trailer, of snapshot 2.


Sebastian Schleemilch

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